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Vibrators > Lay-On Vibes

Vibrators > Lay-On Vibes
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Dopunjiv! Ovaj, ergonomski oblikovan vibrator, može se puniti. Dopunjava uživan..
6.387 RSD
Udovoljite sebi! Dopunjivi vibrator, u obliku školjke, napravljen je od baršunastog,..
11.870 RSD
Uživajte u prijatnim trenucima! Dopunjivi, vodootporni vibrator u obliku ptice, sa malom stimu..
11.870 RSD
Uživajte u prijatnim trenucima! Dopunjivi, vodootporni vibrator u obliku ptice, sa malom stimulišuć..
11.870 RSD
Rechargeable vibration pleasure! This pink lay-on vibrator stimulates your clitoris intensively and..
7.300 RSD
Stimulates your clitoris like no other! This purple lay-on vibrator with 2 sophisticated stimulatio..
7.756 RSD
Rechargeable vibration wonder! This orange lay-on vibrator that is slightly separated, stimulates y..
7.300 RSD
SHE will be in a good mood afterwards! Black lay-on vibrator with a strip of glittery material arou..
5.474 RSD
What a little seducer! This small, blue lay-on vibrator not only looks beautiful, but also feels in..
7.300 RSD
Rechargeable! Purple-coloured, wavy lay-on vibe with 8 vibration levels on the push of a button. To..
9.952 RSD
Prelepa iskušenja! Uživajte u talasima uživanja, kad postavite ovaj, tamnoplavi vibrator na va..
6.479 RSD
...just as the name implies! This is a must-have bed accessory if you like it bigger and better. Thi..
3.830 RSD
Lust for incredible stimulation? Then this indulger is your perfect choice! Lay-on vibrator with pro..
6.843 RSD
This versatile sex toy is designed for ultimate pleasure and if used combined, shell and bullet vibe..
2.735 RSD
Women´s favourite! Anatomically shaped lay-on vibrator that stimulates the intimate areas with its ..
4.560 RSD
Aesthetically pleasing, uncomplicated and modern in design and colour: JAVIDA Toys!  This pink..
5.017 RSD
Lay on, feel and enjoy! Pink lay-on vibrator with 7 vibration modes and silver-coloured decorative ..
3.191 RSD
And your nectar will flow... Adjustable straps secure a perfectly precise penetration with thrilling..
2.279 RSD
Your personal massage specialist!  »VERA« doesn´t just help you when you have tense muscles bu..
9.039 RSD
Handy lay-on vibe, anatomically shaped with 7 vibration modes. Size: 10,5 cm x 4 cm. Material: ABS, ..
2.917 RSD
An amazing finger vibrator! This slightly dotted ring makes your finger vibrate meaning that forepl..
8.213 RSD
Rechargeable! Black lay-on vibrator with 6 vibration levels at the push of a button. There is a USB..
4.560 RSD
Soft lay-on vibrator with 10 extremely quiet vibration modes that can be controlled via the control ..
12.691 RSD