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Ljubavne lutke

Ljubavne lutke
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Life-size male love doll with penis and two pleasure entries (oral, anal). Head with face and hair p..
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Lifesized inflatable male doll with a 17.8 cm long, inflatable penis and a tight anus. Face and ches..
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Johnny is ALWAYS ready! Johnny´s mouth and anus are invitingly open and his cock is ´rock hard´! In..
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Your man for secret hours! Angelo is a super lover. With his 17.8 cm long and 4 to 6 cm thick penis..
3.191 RSD
Your arduous lover! Masculine and erotic love doll with exciting printed chest hair, an insatiable ..
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Manly seducer! Inflatable, lifesize, male love doll with a solid erect penis. Face and hair are pri..
3.648 RSD
Pay attention, ladies - here comes your lover! Black, male love doll with a firm penis, tight anus ..
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